About us

Why we do what we do….

Leaving education to its own devices isn’t enough. Because people get left behind, fall through the cracks, don’t believe in their potential deep down. Most often these are students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Families with low incomes, mental health problems, and ethnic minority families. Witnessing this was all too painful. It made us stand up to do more for the young people in our world.

To help them be purposeful humans with big hearts and switched-on minds. So to give maximum impact to the education system we created a way to optimise student conversion – something that countless colleges continue to struggle with. For you, we built a powerful solution.

Our business is dedicated to increasing retention for educational institutions, and we’re already charging towards our mission to assist one million students by 2025. We’re now the laser-focused power partner for colleges & universities who want the very best outcomes for their young people.

That’s guaranteed. Our personalised support creates a sense of belonging that helps you fill your seats and keep them filled. Because your students each get the attention they need.

You benefit. Society benefits. Job done.

Meet the team…..

Our aspirational culture revolves around dropping helicopter-loads of energy for building the future of society. Just like that boom feeling in your heart from the movie you’ll never forget, our people are powered-up to be the best in the world at what they do.

Based in London, Purlos’ ever-expanding team is a bright collective loaded with razor-edge skills like conversation design and data science. Looking for bigger education value? Our relentless team of tech heroes squeezes out every drop.


Our story continued….

Founder David Bartlett discovered a pitfall of formal education first-hand. That studying for his Business Management degree didn’t help him decide which life path was right for him. In his chest, as an undergraduate, he carried the dismaying compulsion to pursue a career road that seemed preset. This feeling made him stop and think hard.

In 2019, David’s experience inspired him to leave his job behind and pursue his vision by setting up Purlos. To make it a reality he set about developing a solution, teaming up with co-founders Mo Salam to prevent disadvantaged students from getting stuck in the same uncertain predicament about their future.

Mo became inspired to develop Purlos after being asked to register for a loosely relevant hackathon, which he didn’t think he’d attend since it involved traveling from Wales to London.

Yet when the organizer reached out to him on WhatsApp, Mo found himself making the gargantuan effort to journey there for little personal advantage. Here WhatsApp’s conversion power dawned on him, since it created an irresistible route into his personal world.