Our Promise

Happy students and admissions teams

Maximise student capacity

Increase conversions during admissions using modern tools like WhatsApp to connect more effectively with students

Reduce student drop-outs

Gain actionable insights on student drop-outs through conversational surveys and improved data 

Improve student experience

Connect with Gen-Z in a way that engages them, rather than using ineffective methods like letters and emails.


Better student relationships starts here

1. Engage Gen-Z way

Use Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Linkedin to connect with students

2. Gain insights

Mobile and desktop dashboards with retention data and actionable insights

3. Drive retention strategies

Contact the highest risk student first, and use the information we gather to have a better conversion to increase conversions

How it works?

Student Experience revolution in making

1. Setup Purlos (30 mins)

Initial setup within 30 mins and you are ready to use Purlos

2. Sync enrolled students (15 mins)

Purlos is ready to roll with a simple sync of enrolled students

3. Start retention campaign

Get started with your 2020 student retention campaign 

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Some of our clients…

Our Client Say’s About us

“Purlos’s product is a game changer”

We’re thrilled to have Purlos as we’ve never had such a speedy & deep level of insight on which students may drop out during the admissions process, and furthermore WHY they drop out.

Our team is now starting to get a better understanding of students who are at risk and give them the disproportionate attention they deserve in turn helping us support increased conversions.

Also we don’t have the resources to constantly follow up hard to reach students, and Purlos allows us to scale our operations during peak times.

…and as emails and letters are being read less and less. This will likely become the new norm in the next 3 years.

Caroline Street

Director, Hopwood Hall College

“The engagement level has been very high, about 80% on average”

NESCOT has found Purlos’ platform to have a much better engagement level with students compared to existing communications methods. Furthermore, it has offered up new insights about the highest risk students allowing us to intervene early with any important admissions issues.

We hope to use this to chase up missed enrolments and reduce the drop out during the 6-week period!

The customer success team from Purlos has also been very supportive and very responsive too, which makes things so much easier!”

Dario Stevens

Vice Principal , NESCOT